All I Want - The Chandler Horde Book 2.5

Andrew and Marie-Thérèse

 He has everything a man could want, but does he have what he needs?

Andrew Chandler is working undercover to expose corruption in a shelter. Posing as a homeless veteran, he experiences firsthand how quickly everything can change. If he doesn’t finish this assignment soon, he’ll lose everything, including his sanity. Just when he is about to give up hope, a beautiful angel appears.

Marie-Thérèse Chambéry has everything she needs. A home. A satisfying career. Friends and family. But something’s missing. She is drawn to the homeless man in the park and feels compelled to help him. Just when she thinks he’s going to open up to her, he vanishes.

Their paths cross again unexpectedly. He’s overjoyed. She’s humiliated. With a little help, they just might get what they want and need.

ALL I WANT is a spicy later-in-life romance and the third story in the Chandler Horde series. To avoid spoilers, read this after SAFE WITH ME.

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ALL I WANT book cover
ALL I WANT book cover