Believe - A Second Chances book, Book One

Annie and Sam


She’s still waiting for her happily ever after.
All he wants is someone to love again.

If it’s real, it’s worth fighting for. After all, it only took fifty years for destiny to come full circle.

After three divorces, Annie Rogers never thought she’d spend her “golden years” alone. Now she’s settled into her dream home in the Pacific Northwest, but every day is “Groundhog Day” predictable. Every day, she cares for her dog, laments about her lack of a social life, and checks her empty mailbox. Every night she sleeps with her “magic wand.” Use it or lose it, right?

Sam Baker had it all. A beautiful wife and two beautiful, spoiled daughters. Now he’s a widower and the girls are grown and on their own. He’s active and, hopefully, still virile, and it sure would be nice to have someone to make love to again.

Together, they find the freedom to explore every aspect of a loving, trusting, relationship, a freedom neither had ever had before. This is it. They’ve found their happily ever after. But ageism, con artists, and illness conspire to drive them apart.

Can they find their way back to each other? Will destiny win? And just how long is happily ever after?

BELIEVE is the standalone first book in the Second Chances series. It’s a love story for and about the Silver Generation.

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BELIEVE book cover
BELIEVE book cover