Remember - A Second Chances book, Book Two

Becky and Justin

She’s a reformed bitch and busybody. Understandable since her ex made her that way.

He’s a happy-go-lucky guy. Except when it comes to commitment. Understandable since his ex made him that way.

After a stressful week playing bridezilla whisperer, Becky Montgomery unwinds with her sidekick, freelance photographer Justin Williams, over too many tequila shooters. Was it the alcohol that lowered the defenses around her heart and caused her to spill her guts? And did she really tell him he’s hot?

Justin had never shared with anyone what it had been like living with a narcissist. They drank too much, and Becky had such a sympathetic ear it just spilled out. But he didn’t hear anything after she said he was hot. He’d loved her ever since he first laid eyes on her, yet he’d hidden it for years. Was this his chance? Maybe, taking her along on a photo shoot will give them both a new beginning and he can convince her he’d never do anything to hurt her.

Instead, the wilderness holds a nightmare from his own past: a crazy ex who’ll use every dirty trick in the narcissist’s handbook to get him back. Only this time she’s adding a new, dangerous chapter — erasing Justin from Becky’s heart and memory, and if that doesn’t work, erasing Becky from Justin’s life. Permanently.

He could make her forget her past . . . If his past wasn’t stalking their future

REMEMBER is the second book in the Second Chances series. To avoid spoilers, read this after BELIEVE.

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REMEMBER book cover
REMEMBER book cover