Smile - A Second Chances book, Book Three

Abby and Sam

She lives vicariously through the characters she writes in her romance novels. She can only imagine the endings. Those happily ever after stories don’t come true for women like her.

He’s retired, now, but ever since he was a boy he’s dreamed about a woman. A woman he needs to help. Is that why he became a cop? And where is she?

Abby Randall needs to make this getaway ski trip. But why now? Is it fate that makes her stop at her usual gas station? In the restroom, she helps an adorable little girl. Of course, she’s adorable. Her waiting grandfather is drop dead gorgeous. Yeah, who is she kidding? Happy endings only happen in her books, not to women like her. Yet this man sparks an attraction she hasn’t felt in years, and it scares her to death. So she runs, just like she always does.

Retired detective Ted Taylor may have just blown it. The pretty lady with turquoise eyes has slipped away before he can even ask her name. She’ll think he’s crazy, but her face haunts his dreams. If he can find her in Lake Tahoe, his lonely days and nights might be over.

When Mr. Tall, Hot, and Silver sits down next to her in the casino, Abby isn’t sure what to think. Ted is just like the heroes in her books. Maybe . . . with him . . . she can pretend the past that broke her never happened. Just for a few days.

Ted knows this woman has secrets that are painful and deep. If he lets slip that he’s loved her all his life, she’ll run — and he won’t be able to protect her from her worst nightmare. A nightmare no one deserves to live through, alone.

Can he slay her dragons?

Can she triumph over her hideous past?

He could be her silver lining — unless her nightmares swallow her whole.

SMILE is the standalone third book in the Second Chances series.

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SMILE book cover
SMILE book cover