No Parking - The Chandler Horde Book Three

Thomas and Samantha

All’s fair in love and parking places.

She doesn’t own the whole street. And if that brat touches his truck one more time she isn’t going to be able to sit down for a week.

Why does that jerk have to park his ugly diesel fume belching truck in front of her house? And why does he have to be so gorgeous?

What’s a little sabotage between enemies? The more she fights him, the more he pushes her. Pissing off the green-eyed beauty is just too much fun — until the day it blows up in his face.

Relationships can be full of pot holes. But this is more than just a battle of the sexes. It’s a battle between dominants and both are determined to come out on top.

One of them will lose the battle. Can both of them win the war?

NO PARKING is a spicy romantic comedy and the fourth story in the Chandler Horde series. To avoid spoilers, read this after ALL I WANT.

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NO PARKING book cover
NO PARKING book cover