SAFE WITH ME - The Chandler Horde Book Two

John and Jennifer

She’s running from her ex.

He’s running from his reputation.

John is the youngest of the Chandler Horde. The wild spoiled brat. He gave his heart twice, got it back in pieces both times, and swore off women forever.

Jennifer is the youngest of the Finley sisters. The quiet bookworm. She gave her heart once, got broken bones in return, and swore off men forever.

Now she and her son are in hiding, on the run from her ex and his family. Can she trust the man with the reputation and unforgettable blue eyes to keep them safe?

John finally found his purpose: protect the woman with the tortured green eyes and her son with his life.

SAFE WITH ME is a spicy later-in-life romance and the second book in the Chandler Horde series.To avoid spoilers, read this after THE GOOD DEED

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SAFE WITH ME book cover
SAFE WITH ME book cover